Free Wind Tile Pattern Download

It gets windy up here in the sandhills. Last year we had to replace our roof after the wind took off some shingles. It wasn’t stormy, there were no tornadoes, in fact I think the sky was blue that day. It was weird to have that kind of destruction on an otherwise beautiful day. It wasn’t all bad, though, because I used the old, blown-off shingles as a weed barrier in my yard. It worked great.

Wind is pleasant in moderation. You can fly kites, wind surf, blow bubbles, whatever. To celebrate moderate, non-destructive wind, here is a free download of a windy tile background for you to enjoy!

Windy Pattern

Warm Fuzzy for the Week

There is no shortage of cheesy quotes on the internet today. Nothing gives us the warm fuzzies like a scripty font, some hand-drawn arrows, and instructions to “Dance like no one is watching.” I have a Pinterest board full of these. (Who doesn’t?) Not all of my pinned quotes are warm-fuzzy, though. Some are funny and some are pointed, but all of them are relevant to my life in some way. I think that’s what makes a quote so pinteresting–when you can relate to it, when it makes you stop and go, “Oh my goodness, me too!!!”

So I decided to contribute my own cheesy, inspirational quote.
Here is your warm fuzzy of the week. Enjoy:


Miss Rodeo South Dakota 2013

Miss Rodeo South Dakota came to me with an idea for a horsemanship shirt she needed for the Miss Rodeo America pageant in December 2013. She wanted her shirt to be fashioned after the Black Hills gold jewelry that is manufactured in her home state. I again teamed up with seamstress Jo Morphew of Tailor Made by Jo and Outback Screenprinting & Embroidery to pull this off (credit for these images goes to Keeton Productions):



Miss Rodeo Nebraska

This summer I had the privilege of designing a horsemanship shirt for Gina Jesperson, a contestant in the Miss Rodeo Nebraska pageant. Before this project, I had only designed for print and web. This was my first crack at embroidery design. Thanks to a team of people who included seamstress Jo Morphew of Tailor Maid by Jo and the ladies at Outback Screenprinting & Embroidery, the shirt turned out beautifully. Gina won, by the way, and will compete in the Miss Rodeo America pageant in Vegas December 2014!